Leveraging After School and Summer Learning
Terry K. Peterson, PhD with Jodi Grantt June 2013

Every Kids's Guide to Living Your Best Life
Sara Jensen-Fritz with Jodi Grantt March 2012

State Progress Report for Afterschool
Jodi Gibson with Jodi Grant January 2012

Kick Off For Lights On Afterschool Biking
Mark Sommers with Jodi Grant August 2011

Getting Kids Excited About Science
Leland Melvin with Jodi Grant March 2011

New Afterschool Study Reveals Rural Need
Jodi Gibson and Angela Henry with Jodi Grant - January 2011

Preventing Summer Learning Loss
Guest: Ron Fairchild with Jodi Grant - July 2010

Personalized Afterschool Programs for Teens
Guest: Joey Altman with host Jodi Grant - April 2010

Teaching Kids Through Cooking
Guest: Joey Altman with host Jodi Grant - March 2010

Survey says... Lights On Afterschool!
Guest: Jodi Gibson with host Jodi Grant - October 2009

A Creative Example of Corporate Support
Guest: Lisa Lucheta with host Jodi Grant - September 2009

Feeding Children During Summer Break
Guest: Jim Weill with host Jodi Grant - June 2009

How Afterschool Programs Equal Prevention
Guest: Judge Glenda Hatchett with host Jodi Grant - May 2009

Afterschool Programs on the Rebound
Guest: Jodi Grant with host Errol St. Clair Smith - April 2009

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